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It doesn’t end after completing rehab or formal treatment. Once you’re finished a clinical treatment program, it can be hard for many people to move right back into life, with all its responsibilities and potential triggers. You’re free to work or go to school while also being held accountable for your recovery. She has finished the course work (phi theta kappa) for becoming a CAC, and chooses to coach as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. She is also an instructor for CCAR’s Recovery Coach Academy. Her philosophy is to nurture but hold gently accountable.

By learning about recovery through my own experience as a recovering addict and my own children’s experience getting into recovery, I added college and then worked in the recovery field. Not seeing people go into sober living because of the cost or going into sober living that offered little more than a bed, I opened a structured sober house that was reasonably priced. We individually coach our residents to practice the proven research about community, wellness, safety and sense of purpose. Sober living homes provide a safe place for recovering drug users to live while they transition back into society.

All Residents within our homes

We’re suitable for those who are ready to gain the depth of recovery while living life, getting back to work, spending time with friends and family while developing a recovery routine. Surrounded by a community of like-minded men, we believe recovery is exciting! Our hope is that your life becomes full of laughter, compassion, meaning, responsibilities, challenges and you are able to begin living a fully present life. We help with scheduling wellness, recovery and reuniting with family or friends. We help with making recovery-based choices as well as honing skills in relationships.

For clearing away this baggage from the past, we ask that families obtain therapy as families so they may heal and be prepared for recovery. what is a sober house More than our name, Right Path is our inspiration. We believe that everyone needs to find and follow their own right path.

Right Path Recovery Home

Inpatient residential treatment centers tend to be more focused on treating addiction. The programs and routines are usually more structured during the treatment period. The period of stay is also limited to 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the program you are enrolled in. This blog will discuss if a sober living home would be the right choice for someone who has just finished treatment or for someone that is currently in recovery. Finally, following rules is an important life skill.

  • He is a Certified Recovery Coach (CCAR) and case manager who brings personal recovery experience as well as professional training to his clients.
  • Most sober living houses have no drugs and no alcohol policy, have curfews, conduct randomized drug testing, and require residents to take part in activities as well as chores.
  • We hope you know that your life can be amazing once you’re sober!
  • We tap resources from our community, and, through our long-time experience, find which ones are most effective.

You may have 2 years sober or 28 days (our minimum time requirement). Each person has her own program at our sober house. Each is truly unique and created and managed according to your needs.

We Help Our Residents With Many Aspects to Help Keep Them On The Right Path To True Recovery

Every evening we gather for a family-like dinner that one of us prepares with love and care. We ask that dishes be from whole fresh food, not pre-packaged or store-prepared. We ask that main dishes not be pasta based as this simply mimics our addiction in our brain. If you have dietary restrictions, we try to handle them like a family would and make accommodations. We take turns cooking every night so that over all, it actually reduces your food budget. Please also note that residents who have work or therapy may miss dinner but we’ll save you a plate to heat up later..

  • He has owned and operated Jake’s Lawn and Garden for decades and started caring for the earth in a holistic way before it became a trend.
  • Next is riding lessons which is at your own expense.
  • Many are within walking distance or on zoom (so no need for cars or UBER) and most take insurance.
  • Rob wants to ensure each client that he’s following up; that’s how he earns goodwill and a stellar reputation for professionalism.

We believe that long-term recovery has many parts. Healing the “why” behind your addiction is one of them. We hand select clinicians and intensive outpatient programs from our area. You choose your best “fit” and truly create an individualized recovery program.